Universal Studios

Universal Studios OrlandoUniversal Studios is a fabulous theme park for all movie lovers, with some awesome rides. Universal Studios is really well laid out and spacious so that even when the parks are very busy you never feel crowded here.

Quite a few of the rides and shows are pretty intense so take care with your little ones, however don’t be put off there are also plenty of things for them to do here.

Universal Studios is one of our favourite theme parks in Orlando and here are just a few of our favourite attractions:

Revenge of the Mummy-this has got to be my current favourite ride, the special effects in this ride are amazing, it is a very fast, dark rollercoaster but even if you are not a great coaster fan you should try this one. There are free lockers outside this attraction and make sure you use them you could easily lose your belongings on this ride and bags are strictly not allowed. Unless the queues for this ride are really long don’t use your Universal Express pass on this ride as it has some of the best queuing areas we have ever seen and it would be a shame to miss them. There is a minimum height requirement of 51 inches for this ride.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit-one of the newest rollercoaster’s in Orlando this one will certainly get your adrenalin going. Choose your own track to listen to on the ride, whilst on the coaster your ride will be videoed and you can purchase this at the end of the ride. You must be at least 51 inches for this attraction.

Animal Actors on Location-a fun way for the whole family to have a much needed rest as you tour Universal Studios. This show is very funny, with plenty of audience interaction and things don’t always go to plan-what do they say about working with children and animals?

Disaster-find yourself on a subway train caught up in the middle of an earthquake, with some wonderful special effects and audience participation this is one you will not want to miss. There is no height restriction on this ride but some very little ones may find it a bit too realistic.

ET Adventure-grab your bike and help ET get home, this ride has some effects you will not be expecting and is suitable for all the family. The queuing area of the forest even smells like a real forest and with different things ‘popping up’ in the forest to keep you entertained you will not even realise you are waiting. For an extra special ride ask the attendant if you can wait for a front seat and get a good view of everyone’s favourite alien.

Jaws-this one really is a case of some of the old ones being the best. Although Jaws has been at Universal Studios for years it is one we hope they never change, the ride has recently had a revamp and some of the effects on this are brilliant. There are no height restrictions on this ride but can frighten some younger guests.

Men In Black-a great shoot em ride which is popular with everyone especially teenagers, everyone will want to be the winner in your ‘car’ so it brings out the competitive streak in us all. You will want to ride this one again and again.

Shrek 4D-this attraction will have you screaming with laughter, with fabulous 4D effects and moving seats you really will think you are in the carriage helping Shrek as he tries to rescue Princess Fiona. If you have very young children there are stable seats at the front of the cinema so that they can enjoy the attraction as well.

Terminator 2-this one is a real jaw dropper with its effects and certainly not for those of a nervous disposition. This attraction is dark, very loud and very intense we would not recommend it for young children, if your children really want to do this we suggest you try it out first and see if you think they can handle it as you cannot leave this cinema once the show has started. Top tip-the first row behind the disabled seats at the back of this cinema are the best seats in the house.

The Simpsons Ride-for all us lovers of the hit TV series The Simpsons this ride is a must. Be warned this ride is not for those who suffer from motion sickness. You must be at least 40 inches for this attraction.

Twister-find yourself right in the middle of a tornado strike, this ride will make you glad you don’t live in an area where these happen. This is another very intense ride and not really suitable for very young children and be prepared to get wet!!

Universal Orlandos’ Horror Make-up Show-a hilarious insight into the work done by make-up artists on horror movies. Rather gruesome but in a very funny way not a scary one makes this suitable for just about everyone. If you are chosen as the ‘volunteer’ it enhances this show even more.


Dining is pretty low key at Universal Studios but our favourites are:

Beverly Hills Boulangerie-great for deli sandwiches and desserts, perfect if you don’t fancy a hot lunch or the cakes make a good breakfast for those with a sweet tooth.

Mel’s Diner-this is our favourite in this park, it serves excellent burgers in a 50’s style diner along with themed music and a mini jukebox on most tables. Top tip don’t bother putting your quarters in the mini jukebox to choose songs they don’t actually work but they don’t return your money either.

Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe-a great dining option for lovers of horror movies. This cafe sells great chicken, pizza, pasta and salad combined with some wonderful movie memorabilia.

Click on the video below to see some of the great attractions waiting for you at Universal Studios.

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